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What does Icebrrg do?

Icebrrg makes forms. What kind of forms? Just about any kind you can imagine. Having trouble imagining forms? Ok, here are just a few examples.

Contact Forms

Ok, this one’s pretty basic, but every website needs a contact form. Icebrrg lets you set up a nice one real quick.

Registration Forms

Send people to the web to register for events or other activities. Icebrrg sends a customizable confirmation email to each registrant. Plus, it stores all of your information in a database and exports it to Excel or any other spreadsheet software so you can create nametags, rosters and other good stuff for your event.


Ask your audience a question and let them respond online. Measure important trends like customer satisfaction or maybe create silly polls just for fun. Either way, icebrrg helps you set it up, share it, and get results.

Application Forms

Let people apply online. Apply for what? Well, that’s up to you — maybe a job, maybe a car loan, maybe a summer internship, or maybe a sweepstakes giveaway.

Personal Inventories

Why not organize your personal life with Icebrrg? How about cataloging your collection of DVDs, CDs, or baseball cards? Create your forms and then use them to enter your information. Icebrrg stores it all and gives it to you when you need it.

What’s so great about Icebrrg?

All you need is a browser.

We handle the programming. We handle the hosting. There’s no technical or design experience required.

Share forms on your own website or blog.

Put your form on your own pages. We even provide you the simple lines of code you need. Just drop them on an HTML page or in your blog’s HTML editor and you’re published!

Don’t have a website? No problem.

We’ll host your form for you on its own unique web address.

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Our forms are stylin’.

We try not to be vain but our forms really do look good.

Icebrrg is affordable.

Paid plans start at $9/month. No contracts or cancellation fees.